Three Things: Chargers vs. Chiefs

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Was there anything good to come out of the Chiefs second blowout loss at Arrowhead this season? So why did they lose against the Chargers?

1. Remember When KC's new Offense was Promising? - With all the excitement that was generated in the preseason and in camp about the new diversity of this offense evident when the team left St. Joseph in August. Since then all the mismatch talk has gone out the window. Tight ends - not involved. Running backs in the slot forcing linebackers and safeties to make plays - non-existent. Jon Baldwin and Steve Breaston helping Dwayne Bowe on the outside - still haven't seen that. So when will we see any of that? Who knows.

What we do know is that many are jumping on Cassel and with good reason. And some want Brady Quinn to start next weekend against Baltimore. But in Cassel's defense, five different offensive coordinators in four years has taken a toll on the Chiefs quarterback. But he's not the primary culprit. The Chiefs running game even with Jamaal Charles getting into the end zone, has no identity.

And to make things worse, on Bowe's late touchdown he was still pointing to his name on the back of his jersey and the Chiefs are a last place team.

2. APB for Eric Berry - I don't know if it's a confidence issue but something is wrong with the Chiefs starting safety. Maybe it's a health issue or a combination of the two. But Berry has played poorly in each of the four Chiefs games this season. And now teams are beginning to pinpoint where he is on the field and they are in full attack mode. They're forcing him to cover much larger spaces than he can do at this point and he's being shredded. The book might be out on Berry and opposing offenses are exposing the flaw in his game.

During the game, someone text me the following. "Can't we give Berry some help?" Problem is he plays safety and he's the last line of defense. But he's not alone, the Chiefs secondary is horrible. By the way, Halloween is coming and if you'd like to scare Stanford Routt back to Oakland, run right at him. But I bet if you do, he runs the other way.

3. It's a Four Quarter Game - Yet again today's slow start by the Chiefs. Counting this afternoons contest versus the Chargers - Kansas City has been outscored 78-22 in the first two-quarters of games and have only scored six-points in the first quarter in TOTAL through four-games.The Chiefs have NOT led in any game at any time so far this season.

Can the Chiefs season be saved after falling to 1-3?

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