Bolt out of the Blue

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The San Diego Chargers came into Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and struck fast and hard, took no prisoners and laid the smack down on our KC Chiefs.

It seems that, invariably, the Chiefs come up with some way to kill their momentum every time and allow our competitors to gain the upper hand very early in the games we have played so far this year.

It was no different Sunday against SD as a string of turnovers including 3 INT's (1 Cassel's fault, 2 really not), 2 forced fumbles recovered on our side of the field, and a number of other gaffs and blown plays practically obliged the Chargers to pile up TD's against us at will, massively abridging our entire game plan and making it 1000% more difficult to play the kind of game that we'd been preparing for the entire previous week.

This seems to have become a most misguided trend in the past few games and it really needs to end if our temporary team members want to have any prayer of making it to the sacred land. Letting the other team rack up 20 or more points in a game is bad enough but to let them do it in the first half and in our stadium just makes me wonder a few things about the overall outlook of our KC combatants.

Is it me or does it seem like the Chiefs don't seem to have a sense of urgency about their game play? In every contest this year we've been down early, down deep, and deep down in despair against 4 pretty good football teams. But as the game unfolds, I've noticed that even thought we may be down by several scores, we basically stick to the same game plan we had if the score would have been close or if it would have been tied.

That is, try and control the game through clock management and ground consumption via rushing guys like Charles, Hillis, Eachus and McCluster to name a few. But when a team falls behind after their first couple of possessions, it appears that time must be taken advantage of better by the Chiefs.

When you have to score three TD's in the first 2 quarters just to keep up with your foe, then something has to give and situations have to change otherwise it is going to continue to happen until it's too late to adjust.

I don't think the Chiefs have journeyed over that highway yet, but if they stay their course, that is a route rarely returned from.

Just ask that of our next prey, Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens whom we come up against next week back at Arrowhead and as it stands, we're looking straight down the barrel of a loaded revolver and that's not a pleasant sight, let me tell you. What would be nice would be to see the Chiefs come out against the Ravens with a sense of necessity right from the start. Treat the entire game like it's the 4th quarter and you're down by a TD and you must score to keep the game alive.

Put a little more insistence into your frame of mind and be the ones to put Baltimore back on their heels instead of letting them peck away at us early and give us a repeat performance of the last post-season meeting we had when they put us away early in the game.

After all, these guys are paid to play 60 minutes of football and the least they could do is put in an hour's worth of time!

Were the Chargers really that much better than the Chiefs?

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