2 Days to Denver: Turning the Tables

Alex Smith & Andy Reid

Within every great NFL turn around, there is one moment when a champion is born. On Sunday Night in front of the entire nation the team everyone says is a Fraud, the Chiefs, can turn the tables on the Broncos and begin their championship run.

As a Kansas City Chiefs fan first and foremost, my blood is pumping in anticipation of Sunday Night's AFC West showdown against the Denver Broncos. In listening to most of the sports media this week in the Mile High city, the Chiefs are going to get their clocks cleaned which has put my competitive juices into sever heartburn mode.

To rebut that notion, I can argue without any hesitation, the Broncos not the Chiefs, are the real frauds. They've played the second easiest schedule behind Kansas City and both teams to date haven't beaten a team with a current winning record.

The Broncos were expected to cakewalk through the easy portion of their schedule. On the flip turn, nobody expected the Chiefs to be unscathed at this point of the season. They stand 9-0 because they've beaten every opponent they've faced.

The Broncos and Chiefs have more in common. Each has one player on the roster that neither team can afford to lose. For Denver, it's Peyton Manning. For the Chiefs, it's Jamaal Charles.

To that end, both teams have enough weakness on both sides of the ball to garner, on any given Sunday, they can lose a football game. While that might be the case, the winner of this game is going to come down to which players want it more than the others on the opposite side of the line of scrimmage.

The pressure for victory on Sunday Night doesn't fall upon the Chiefs. The Broncos are facing AFC West extinction should they lose this game. Kansas City has margin for error and not many people feel they're capable of going into Denver and pulling out a win. So they can just pin their ears back and have fun.

The NFL pundits, or so called experts, believe the Chiefs eventual slide back to their 2012 ways will be set in motion once Denver embarrasses them on Sunday. Now is that possible? You bet it is.

What we know heading into this game is that Manning won't be at full strength. In fact, for those Denver fans that read this article, here is a newsflash; he won't be healthy the rest of the season.

The Chiefs have so many non-believers waiting for them to fail it's not inconceivable to see why they could lay an egg in Denver. Still for those that buy into that theory, let me offer this take.

The heart that beats within the Chiefs locker room is the strongest and most unified I've seen in Kansas City since Hank Stram was patrolling the sidelines. New Head Coach, Andy Reid, has done a miraculous job of creating a calm and competitive 53-man roster that believes they can defeat anyone at anytime home or away.

The culture has changed so much in Kansas City in less than a year that it's hard for anyone outside of the heartland, or anyone else who walks into that locker room, to understand the powerful change that's occurred within the soul of this franchise.

Sure the Broncos with Manning have confidence and swagger. However, the Chiefs with Reid at the helm have the exact same thing. Though different, these two teams are practically blueprints of one another.

Granted those similarities are within the opposite nature of their respective offenses and defenses. For each team, one unit is better than the other. Clearly the Broncos have the better offense while the Chiefs possess a much better defense than their counterparts.

Listen I'm not about to ignore the fact some of the criticism the Chiefs have been given isn't valid. They are playing with house money and they've been the benefactors of some uneven contests that have tipped the scales from potential losses to gut it out wins.

The Broncos on the flip coin have been rewarded as well. They've played teams at fortuitous times churning out wins that could have been potential losses.

So what's the point?

However this game ends on Sunday night one or both of these teams is going to be exposed to some degree. Both enter the contest flawed in some way but both are very talented. However, you cannot dispute this singular fact, combined they've won 17 of 18 games played this season.

That only occurs when you can overcome adversity, play smart football and have more than enough talent to make plays at key times within the flow of a game. The Chiefs and Broncos are both good football teams but the fraud label shoved down the throats of Kansas City fans, may not be warranted.

Still in order for the Chiefs to shake that label they have to defeat the Broncos on Sunday Night to show the national media, the folks in Denver and the rest of the naysayers trolling around the feet of this franchise, that they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Is winning the only cure for the lack of respect the Chiefs are getting?

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