Right Fit for Chiefs?

DeSean Jackson

A week ago Kansas City didn't want anything to do with Eagles Wide Receiver, DeSean Jackson. However, when Philadelphia cut their star player on Friday suddenly the Chiefs became very interested in bolstering their offense. But is he the right move for the guys in Red?

If the Kansas City Chiefs are going to rival the offensive prowess of the Denver Broncos, they need a top-flight wide receiver to become a blimp on their radar screen. Without that in hand to open the season, their offense might sputter without a compliment to receiver, Dwayne Bowe.

When Emmanuel Sanders did his dog and pony show in Kansas City two weeks ago, the organization once again had a deep hole to fill at receiver.

On Friday afternoon, the Chiefs found themselves as a possible favorite to land former Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver, DeSean Jackson. The fleet footed, sure handed Pro Bowl standout could be the missing link for the Chiefs offense this year.

In paring Jackson with All Pro Running Back, Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs would have two of the top five playmaking offensive threats in the NFL on the same team.

But it's no lock the Chiefs will sign Jackson because of his alleged antics in Philadelphia. Despite those flaws, the Chiefs appear to be trying to get a deal done with Jackson. But there are other NFL teams like the Oakland Raiders, New York Jets and New England Patriots who may also be interested in driving up his asking price.

Kansas City doesn't have a lot of cap space until they shift some cap dollars, most notably Quarterback, Alex Smith, who could be on the verge of a contract extension. If they can get that done, perhaps they have enough dollars to sign Jackson.

However, even with $4.5 million in cap space, the Chiefs can be creative to lure Jackson away from signing with any other NFL team.

So with the business out of the way and knowing the path to getting a contract done, might not be so difficult, should the Chiefs do it?

Shortly after the Eagles began their smear campaign on Jackson that included comments he was a mal-content in Philly, missed multiple practices and may be associated with some unruly gang members in California, he sent out a press release to counter the Eagles spiteful words.

He denied any wrongdoing, made a point to thank Eagles fans for their support, and in particular gave credit to his former head coach, Andy Reid, for bringing him into the NFL.

That puts the Chiefs in a tough spot.

When Jackson was on the trading block they didn't want anything to do with him. Now that he's a free agent, has a big chip on his shoulder and Kansas City desperately needing a down the field threat, it makes far too much sense a Reid and Jackson reunion in Kansas City might be in the cards.

Of course getting it done when Kansas City has instituted an overly cautious approach to their 2014 off-season plan, has me somewhat skeptical they can close the biggest off-season transaction they've been faced with in quite sometime.

In it's long standing era of Professional Football, getting an impact player like Jackson, in the prime of his career, has repeatedly bypassed the Chiefs over and over again. Granted the Chiefs did get Quarterback, Alex Smith, last season.

I know the risks in signing Jackson but they have to be overshadowed by the fact Kansas City needs to get this deal done to show the Broncos they aren't going to lay down in 2014.

That might be harsh for some Chiefs fans. However, with the Broncos free agent spending spree, and their determination to win it all this year, adding Jackson will close the paper gap between the AFC West rivals.

It's impossible to predict how well the Chiefs defense can adjust form their meltdown over the final eight games of the season but the offense will undoubtedly be better than it was last year.

If General Manager, John Dorsey, trusts his head coach, there is little doubt Kansas City will have a new wide receiver in the fold very soon. Jackson from his angle needs to play for a stable organization with a head coach not on the hot seat.

But should the two sides fail to get a deal done, that should send a message to the rest of the NFL, the rumors about Jackson are likely true.

After all, there isn't a head coach in the game today that knows what it takes to get Jackson back on the straight and narrow like Reid.

So it appears at this point in their respective careers, Jackson and Reid need each other badly.

Is Jackson the right fit for the Chiefs?

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